Dear friends

It is just over 12 months since our dear friend, Director and Pastor (Stephen Brooker) went home to be with the Lord.  We miss him still and all of us continue to honour his legacy remembering him with love and affection.  Since that time it has been my privilege and joy to be the Interim Director at Red Hill Christian Centre to facilitate the transition to the next season of God’s work here.

The past 12 months has been exciting and challenging not least with respect to preparing the way for the next phase in the life of Red Hill. It was clear to me that God was handing on the baton of leadership and direction to the next generation even at the outset and I have worked to that end throughout. Two new additions to the trustee group this year have brought the average age of the group down significantly.  Dr Conny Juengst has been appointed as the Prayer Ministry Team leader and is planning new encouraging initiatives here to develop new training and ministry. Mark Kirby picked up responsibility for pastoral care. All of these additions are people who constitute the next generation of leaders.

I am delighted to announce that the new Director who will be in post from September 1st will be Tom Brooker. He is sharing his time working for Red Hill as Director and Ebenezer Emergency Fund (for Engage Israel) with whom we have a very close relationship.  He will take on overall responsibility for Red hill including the spiritual/pastoral direction of the Congregation at Red Hill. He has exciting thoughts and ideas about the future at Red Hill and will be sharing his vision with us on August 13th at which time Mark will also share about some of the financial faith challenges for us. It seems appropriate too that in August 5th we dedicate our new cross donated generously by Via Beata, as we celebrate the last 25 years of Red Hill.

As part of the new structure from September onwards Mark Kirby (who is our Finance Manager) will become the new Operations Manager which will incorporate his current financial role. I will continue in post until the end of October to facilitate the transition.  After that I have been tasked with picking up responsibility for any new developments as Development Manager. Continuing the move to the next generation too, Matt Brooker has become the Estates Manager responsible for the grounds, external routes and building maintenance.

The Senior Management Team therefore will be Tom Brooker (Director), Mark Kirby (Operations Manager), Matt Brooker (Estates Manager) and myself (Development Manager) all of whom are accountable to the Trustees.

One thing we covet particularly of all our friends, supporters and partners is your prayers and we recognise too that without God moving by His Holy Spirit in our midst all out efforts will fail to achieve the fullness of that which He has for us. All that we do is founded on prayer and obedience to God’s Word and His Spirit and we invite you to pray that we may continue in that same vein.

Ultimately the best way we can honour Stephen Brooker who laid the foundations for all that is now occurring is to follow through on what God is calling us to do with the same faith and determination he modelled for us.

With love in Christ

Peter Timms

Interim Director                                                                                             July 2017